Book cover designs

A boy is growing older and later he looks back on his youth. Visualizing this was the most important part of this design. The shadow of the boy as it reflects onto the beach/ground is that of a grown man, rather than that of the boy. Nothing of the design is real: two different beaches, two different seas, shadow, clouds, even the boy consist of 4 different pictures. Blending this all seamlessly together and using vintage, retro, color and light effects created this special atmosphere for the book.
In order to create the design for Melissa I needed to understand who she was and what she was doing. So I Spend a time researching and discovered that she was an energetic woman who wanted to teach others to use their courage to leap from their career to their calling. Three parts were crucial to my design: I wanted the design to reflect the energy Melissa has. Although she provided a more serious picture of herself, I found on her website a more energetic one that was more consistent with the goal I had in mind. I wanted to use the colors of her website, not only for the branding effect, but also to add energy and vitality to the cover. And then I needed to give a message. I kept loyal to Melissa’s original idea of doing something with puzzle’s. Life is build up from talents, experiences, knowledge, emotions and more who needs to fit together like puzzle pieces in order to have success. So I let the character C bring the last puzzle piece: courage, in order to leap out.
The palm tree is creating an arch which makes it possible to play with contrast: threatening dark clouds broken by sunlight beams Illuminating a heavenly tropical island. Thumbnails do not ask for many details, but when the design is in normal format it may not lack details. This is why birds are flying over the azure sea and you will see footprints near in the sandy beach near the title and disappearing after the palm tree. This contributes to the mystic atmosphere without the need of dead body’s or blood. Contrast is also created with the font. The serif font makes it also readable in thumbnail format and the red color draws the attention of the viewer. However: nothing of what you see is real. The sand, the sea, the beach, the palm trees at the distance, the palm tree in front, the little shack, the footsteps, birds, clouds, all are separate pictures merged seamlessly and enhanced with color and light effects, as if it was real.

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Project Description

Examples of book cover designs.

Last modified: Jul 15, 2016