The World's Best Packaging Graphics Design Process

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Using the HiretheWorld process means:

  • No Risk: Choose from 50-200+ custom package designs compared to the traditional handful a designer offers.
  • On Budget: You decide what you want to spend.
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  • Fast: Rank dozens of packaging designs in seconds, complete your contest in as little as 3 days.
  • What you see is what you get: Browse current and past contest to see exactly what you get for you money.

As featured in:

Take a look at some of our Packaging Graphics contests!

Sun Rich Fresh Foods: Frozen Seafood Package Label Template Dr Cool Science - Packaging - Break open real geodes kit!

This is really the best way to get custom package graphics designed.

We eliminate the risk and make the process a lot of fun!

Did you know?

Our clients use design contests for all of their graphic design needs, including:

Logo Design Website Design Business Card Design
Book Cover Design Packaging Design
Banner Ad Design, Twitter Page Design, Clothing Design, Button & Icon Design, and more!