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Hello, How is everyone?

The non profit organization will be for HIV/AIDS. I will be doing research and development for a invention of mine as well as the research for an alternative solution to medication by conducting experiments on myself considering i am HIV positive. I also would like to go around the world with my story and product.

The organization is in development so i need someone just about every fir=ed to help me get this off the ground.

-web design
-graphic design
-business planning
-marketing/advertising/promotions online and off

The business plan would be for a loan to start the research as well as sponsorship and investments.

I would like to officially launch the organization by the end of the year. With that being said everything has to be in order on the business end. I need all plans copyrights, trademarks, paten, everything in order.

The sooner the better because the sooner i can go out fro loans grants or whatever i need to help fund my cause.

If this sounds like something you can help me with please let me know as soon as possible as well as how much it would take to do a project like this.

Thank you in advance
With HOPE,

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