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Immediately after hiring

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1 to 3 months

Project Timeline Preference

System Controlled Screen-shots every 10 minutes


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United States
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Project Description

The objective of this site will be to create a business gossip site that is used for the injustices that occur in the work place and to reward the good and virtues tasks that are exercised day in and day out, and to punish the less virtues. It will be a viral application, where word of mount will be applied and you can sign up, remain anonymous and basically enter the information of the business and were it is located, who is your superior and co-workers and say basically whatever your experience has been at a company on a micro level about a particular individual, good or bad. It will remain an open chat log of members for that particular location so anyone can go and type the name of the company and read a real life social dialogue ledger on the location and business environment and more notably the individual. Signing up be easy, only a couple fields, you will enter were you worked of worked and you can leave your comment. Anytime someone comments on another post it will email any further activity like Facebook. This will be nationwide and will be based on the businesses location address. Upon signing up, you will need a detailed description in the privacy policy where NINE-2-5.com is held immune to an retributive litigation from the activities done on the site, to avoid all liability.

Skills Required