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Our current site is in Drupal. We had to part ways with our IT guy- turns out he's a murdering sociopath. True story.

Anyway- the site was originally set up as informational only. We sell mainly to practitioners who call us with their orders.


There are currently three parts to the site-
General- what everyone sees and where doctors can let their patients go without worrying about them seeing wholesale pricing.

Professional- needs a password and lets them view everything except pricing.

Associate- needs password and let them see everything including pricing.

Here's our main issue that we're seeking a solution for.

As I mentioned, when we put this site together we never intended to have a shopping cart. If a doctor's patient calls, we screen the call and send them back to the practitioner to purchase.

Now we have three ad campaigns we'd like to run.

We need a person from Radio Station A to be able to click on our banner and get to Cardioprim.com.

Once at the site, they need to be able to enter a login/password that will take them to a shopping cart where they can purchase the product.

The login/ password needs to only be "RadioA", "RadioB", "MagazineA".

At that page, we need to be able to capture that they came from Radio A.

Their payment info, shipping and billing address, email, phone number.

Please apply with a quote for this project.


See above.

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