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Jun 14, 2012


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United States
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Project Description

Unfortunately, our current engineering team is not working out for us. So, we need a new team to take over the project. This will be a "from scratch" development.

To summarize the project: we are developing our own access control product that is similar to the Doorking 1812 (see: http://doorking.com/pages/dks-tel-1812.php). Ours differs in these key areas:
- LCD display
- Video
- 4 versions
- Wireless: Unit connects to the user's home network through RF, then WiFi
- Mobile: Unit calls the user via mobile network
- In-Line: (same as 1812, connects through phone line)
- Intercom: (TBD)
- Connectivity via Internet
- Programmability via web browser
- Eventually want an iPhone / iPad app (if needed we can hire other firm for this)

Full RFQ is attached.


1) Prototypes for each version (wireless and mobile are the priority)
2) PCBA design files
3) Enclosures and files
4) Firmware (incl source code)
5) Web interface "program"

Skills Required

Other - Customer Processing, Other - Engineering & Manufacturing