Start Date

Immediately after hiring


  1. samplemenu.xlsx

Employer Facts

5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

We're looking for someone to enter restaurant menu data into spreadsheets to be uploaded to our website.

You would receive links to menus at various restaurant pages and you would input the data into a specific format (very likely an Excel spreadsheet).

Here's an example of a menu like the ones we'd like entered: http://charmmodernthai.com/lunch.pdf


There's a file attached of the Excel format that we want the files in.

We will pay on a per-item basis. Depending on your speed we predict will take about 15-30 minutes. At this point we have about 15-20 menus that need to be transcribed.

Some menus are longer than others. For some menus you will be able to cut-and-paste and then edit the data as opposed to transcribing.

Your work must be 99% error free and follow our style guide (which we will provide).

Skills Required

Data Entry