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Whether you're a start up venture or a home based business, every operation needs a logo. But how do you get a great logo at an amazing price? By running a logo design contest for your business! You get:

  • Great Value: Our global community of professional designers will submit hundreds of logos customized to your personal preference, but you only pay for the one perfect logo you love.
  • Fast Results: Within hours from starting your design contest you'll start getting great looking logos customized for your business.
  • Risk Free Process: Since you get to choose from multiple designers you don't have to worry about not getting the style you like. In addition, your contest is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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You can run a Logo design contests in three simple steps:

100% satisfaction guarantee by HiretheWorld
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    Take 5 minutes to tell our designers exactly what you want.
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    Within hours you start to receive logos and can provide feedback.
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    Once you have your perfect logo, download it and use it immediately.
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Great Logo Designs Purchased Through the Logo Contest Process:

Did you know?

Our clients use design contests for all of their graphic design needs, including:

Logo Design Website Design Business Card Design
Book Cover Design Packaging Design
Banner Ad Design, Twitter Page Design, Clothing Design, Button & Icon Design, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions about how to get your own unique logo design:

Can I use the same design contest process for more than just logo design?
Yes! We've had many happy customers use our process to create great business websites as well as business cards and stationery. Check out other types of design contests below.
How many design entries will I get to choose from?
At the moment we average over 125 designs per contest. This number varies depending on the prize amount and goes up dramatically if you are actively providing quality feedback. More feedback = more designs!
If I just want to work with one designer, is that ok?
Yes! If you have a favorite graphic designer that you would like to have dedicate his full time to your logo project, you can do that by either hiring them directly via their profile or by posting a project and inviting them to apply.
I really like a specific concept, but need to get a few tweaks done... is that ok?
Yes! After you select the winner of your contest you can ask for finishing touches from the winning designer until you are 100% satisfied.