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I seek your unique creativity and established design skillset for the soft cover design of a commercial fiction novel, THE STRAWBERRY SEED, complete at 109,000 words.
THE STRAWBERRY SEED follows the life of a hero’s son, a bemused academic with wanderlust who has become the unknowing puppet of an odd and ageless Spaniard. After surrendering his ideal life teaching private school in romantic upstate New York, the protagonist reunites with his addictive childhood mate on a ship crawling towards the Second World War and its short-lived but savage hold on Algeria. Obsessed with his own father’s acclaimed heroics, the protagonist loses himself in the fantastic setting, and soon inexplicable things begin to happen all around. Left behind in New York, the protagonist’s fiancé struggles to decipher hints within his wartime letters that could bring him home. In doing so, she enlists the help of the mysterious old Spaniard, who in turn reveals the most overwhelming myth, or truth, of all.
THE STRAWBERRY SEED is a fantastical expedition that weaves in and out of reality at the reins of both situational absurdity and sentimentality. This begs a design equally as relevant and abstract as the metaphor therein.

Things to focus on:

• Large title
• Fonts are paramount
• Bold colours with deep contrast
• Must standout in thumbnail form
• Literal and metaphorical use of the Strawberry/Seed
• Themes of the novel include: coming-of-age friendship, the great depression, war and anti-war, legend, myth and folklore, long-distance correspondence, Romantic and Victorian literature, otherworldly and divine intervention, immortality.
• Tone of the novel includes: witty dialogue and comedic narrative intertwined with rich memorable characters in obsessively lively environments.

Looking forward to working with you!
Darcy Hughes

Skills Required

Drawing & Sketching, Adobe Creative Suite, Graphic Design, Book Cover Design, Print Design