Start Date

Immediately after hiring

Job Duration

Less than 1 week


Less than 10 hours a week


  1. Simple409A-short.psd

Employer Facts

United States
5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

First, generally clean up the site. I went through, moved things around and added content. Overall the site will get a bit shorter. Don't worry about the space to the left above the fold, that will be filled up with trust marks as soon as we figure out what they will be.
The pricing sections should get shorter to fit the small amount of content properly.
The process section will not show the info underneath until clicked. So If you can create a version with just the icons, and one with each one highlighted and the space underneath for info.


Lets see what we have after 2 hours. I pretty much just want to get it good enough and get it live, since I know I'll be making lots of changes once it is live.

Skills Required

Adobe Photoshop