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Project Description

I have 14 years of experience in the film industry, and want to transition to a new career in the business field - in sales, or the business side of theatre or film. My resume is in need of some assistance with the design and letterhead, with my experience emphasized but also a professional look.


Target audience for this resume would be hiring directors and HR departments. Some of the jobs I have been looking into involve the sale of corporate videos, possibly working at a film school in an instructor role, or any type of general sales. These jobs would definitely have a professional component, however I need a resume that also reflects the creative aspect of each of these positions. The resume and cover letter design should be professional, creative, simple, and easy to read. I want it to really "pop" when it is in a pile with a variety of other resumes for job applications, however should also not be too over the top. It should highlight my professional career in a clear and concise way, and make me stand out from the crowd.

Skills Required

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw, Graphic Design, Book Cover Design, Print Design