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Jul 18, 2011

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I want to offer a job to someone who's interested in working on a cool project that they can have as much artistic license as they desire. I'm no designer, and I know I can't expect much with my budget, but I'm hoping I'll find someone who digs the project and will be willing to work within it.

Listen to the music first www.myspace.com/sligocreekstompers

Music has taken its hold of my heart. Science, like music, are both arts to me. They are obviously different mediums, but the sublime object of these arts are the same: the opening of the heart and mind to the immense beauty of being alive, human, and a part of this world. This is why I want to study music, play music, and teach people music as well as pass on the history so they can take their place as a participant in the great American traditions.

As a band, we're from all over. Clamp from midwestern country and bluegrass bands, Jess from early blues and southern jazz, Sarah from New England contra dance fiddling, and me, who's heart is in Appalachian old time, bluegrass, Irish and dixieland jazz. We go nuts for this stuff and we've been working our tails off over this past year (young band) to learn each others repertoire and deepen our understanding of the ties between them. I've been personally nerding out on how race, class, and geography have played a part in the musical history of America.

Even though we play rural music, we don't fake southern accents. Sure, a few of us want to homestead, but that is less because of the new hipster aesthetic and more because we want to opt out of capitalism (I'm a bit of a social-political radical). We're deep in each of the traditions and we stay home to those, but we're not against cross-pollinating or composing within those traditions - we are under the opinion that to be a folk musician you can't just keep songs alive, you need to grow with the living tradition by moving it along so that you are both alive.

I'm hoping the website will reflect on all of this.

Nuts and Bolts for the website:
- Home (large banner, social media links, discreet media player, 'next show' box (info drawn from events calendar), latest CD spot)
- Music (automatic link to bandcamp.com site...easier to do that rather than go through the hassle of building a media player/shop etc and becoming certified to host paypal).
- About page (section for band history/bio, and sub sections for each of the members)
- Lessons page (lessons info, rolling feed of short references by students)
- Events page (calendar (google is fine), mailing list form, booking contact info)

let me know your ideas! I'm excited to see everyone's work.

Skills Required

HTML, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development