Start Date

Immediately after hiring


  1. Test_PDF_for_HTW_after.pdf
  2. Test_PDF_for_HTW_before.pdf

Employer Facts

5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

I have a 152 page PDF which is numbered incorrectly. I need someone who can open up the document in Photoshop, cut the page numbers from each page and then place "Chapter 1 Page 1" Chapter 2 Page 2 on each of the individual pages. (You will have to do this 150 times. It took me approximately 10 seconds to do a single page, so you should be able to complete this task in less than an hour.


I require the PDF returned to me with all existing page numbers cut out and every page.

Example: Introduction Page 1, Introduction Page 2, etc.
Chapter 1 Page 1, Chapter 2 Page 2... etc.

All the way until the end of the book.

I have included an example of the change on one page which I have done myself. I did this by first copying a section of the page... then pasting it over the page number is photoshop. I then added the "Chaper 1 Page 2" where I would like it to be added.

I would like the new text to match the size and font that is currently in the document as closely as possible. The location of the new text should be relatively consistent on every page.

Skills Required

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe Acrobat, Data Entry, Virtual Assistant, Graphic Design, Book Cover Design