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Project Description

This is a new start up business that will be wholesaling lumber and other fencing material from the mills to local fence contractors/installers.
We are looking for a versatile name that will allow the business to expand. We don't want to be limited to category or product. The initial emphasis of the business will be on buying and selling cedar lumber. It will expand into other fencing products like galvanized pipe, aluminum fence, fence hardware, treated lumber etc... The business could also expand beyond fencing into hardwood flooring.

Here are samples of industry names:
Source Wood - we don't want to specifically mention wood.
Master Halco - Not bad
Merchants Metal - Started in galvanize pipe and moved into wood. Name does represent that.
AIFP, American International Forest Products - Large wood broker.
Stevens Pipe and Steel - Same issue as Merchants Metal
L.R. McCoy - Named after founder

We want the name and slogan to represent trust and honesty. Deliver quality service at a fair price.

Skills Required