Start Date

Immediately after hiring

Job Duration

Less than 1 month

Project Timeline Preference

System Controlled Screen-shots every 10 minutes


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Employer Facts

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Project Description

I am looking to have documents made for presentations, items i can hand out to customers as well online forms that i can send to customers with my branding and feel and have them return or drop into dropbox but be totally digital, i want to be able to produce shoot lists on a template and have logo and branding but have everything in digital format so i am unified, we will have all the information but just need these pages designed for computer, ipad and iphone depending on what customer would like to send back to us, as well so our online contracts ook as well branded properly. we would like to have a proposla where we drop in the customers info, change a few areas, like price, overview. details of conversations or shoots and move on from there. we are sending you a template that looks nice, we dont wanna use same thing as in cover design with ipad and iphones i think something more unique to our industry.

Skills Required

Adobe InDesign