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Immediately after hiring

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United States
5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

This is a mockup for an updated site for the client, at http://www.hadeedcarpet.com/tmp/index.php
The client would like it to be a little more stylized, have a bit more graphic 'depth' to it. It is too flat looking. There are basically two changes to do:
1. make it pop, make it prettier, slicker, more cutting edge looking
2. make it so the content on the left is more seperated from the content on the right
Details on 1 and 2:
The background rug has to stay the same. The name of the company should be more stylized, or stand out better. The navigation buttons should be nicer. Below the nav buttons is where it is supposed to be clearly defined that the left side is different from the right side. The left side is InPlant Services and right side is InHome Services, but the only seperation between the two is a thin white line. I want some good graphics to help stress that seperation.
The text above and below the pics (slideshow) should look better. The boxes at the bottom could be improved in terms of graphic framing...color, texture, shadows, and the content for those will be added by us later.
Maybe there could be some other changes, like maybe the social media buttons could be done better.
The basic colors should stay the same, but you are welcome to add some colors to enhance the look.


Do what I have described above. I will give some feedback.

Skills Required