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Immediately after hiring

Employer Facts

United States
3 stars
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Project Description

- 2 logos with similar look and feel. One as "horsehan.com" the other as "马汉网". We would also like to consider a "Horse Han" logo as an alternative to Horsehan.com.
- they should be clean, minimalist that demonstrates professionalism, quality and premier service
- something appealing to the Chinese audience
- an image of a horse head, perhaps somewhat abstract (no whole horse bodies and no human figures)
- would like to see 1-colour, 2-colour, and 3-colour options initially
- colours - would like to see some logo concepts with a royal purple in it. No bright/fluorescent colors please.
- we don’t want a copy of this, but we like the feel of this site appeals to the chinese audience - http://www.huatian2012.com/ - this should give a sense for the type of feel we are looking for.

Background info From Wikipedia:
Han Chinese (simplified Chinese: 汉族 or 汉人; traditional Chinese: 漢族 or 漢人; pinyin: hànzú or hànrén) are an ethnic group native to China and are the largest single ethnic group in the world.


- 2 logos, one in English, one in Mandarin, with colour scheme working for both white and black backgrounds (perhaps two different coloured logos for each background)
- all useful digital file formats in for website and digital use and also for printing large on banners, branding, etc.

Skills Required

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, Graphic Design, Logo Design