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I need someone to turn some sketches I scanned at 300dpi into vectors (outline image) in Adobe Illustrator.I want the final images you submit to me to look like a blank color book page.

In one of the sketches I provide, the figurines will be holding a container of yogurt, I need you to make their hands and attach it to the body of the figurine you will be making, But I do not need you to add the containers of yogurt as I will do that when you give me the .ai file. The figurines do not have any facial features I just want their outline. There is a figure of a mother facing what will be a refrigerator of yogurt inside a grocery store one of her hands is holding a container of yogurt and the other grabbing onto the shopping cart of which a vector will be included, her small child is holding onto the cart pointing at the yogurt, there is another woman facing the yogurt as well and she too is holding and obserrving a container of yogurt, there is also a man at the end who is holding two containers of yogurt like he is trying to figure out which one to purchase.
The regrigerator of yogurt just needs to be outlined, I will make files that which will be the containers of yogurt, you just need to outline the entire fridge and add some of the security metal bars at the bottom like I have sketched, of course you will be making this look good and real, not as the sketch is.

The other image is of a man and a boy sitting on a couch. I have included a sketch of the couch which you will make an outline of then do the same for the sketches of the man and boy. The man is holding a spoon a container of yogurt and a spoon, please let his hands reflect these, again do not add the containers or the spoon, i will do that. The boys head should reflect that he is looking at the man, the boy is holding a plate and a fork, let his hands represent that, but do not add the plate or fork. If it will look good, make the cushions on the couch reflect that people are sitting on them.

Thank you, if you have any questions please email me.

I need the final .ai file as I will be coloring inside the vectors. I have all files ready to go and need this completed as soon as possible, an experienced adobe illustrator user should not have a problem doing this, I would think. It seems like an easy enough job I just am not very familiar with AI.

Skills Required

Adobe Illustrator