Start Date

Immediately after hiring


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Employer Facts

5 stars
No payment method

Project Description

We have created art direction for our website's redesign, but need someone to take care of the coding.

There is a total of 8 pages to be coded and the art direction .PSD files have been attached. The only page needed without art direction is the Contact page, which should follow the same colour code and general layout. The majority of the project is creating an infrastructure that we can build on with our own content in the future.

Elements include:
- Knowledge of HTML, CSS required
- Controllable image slideshows
- Integrating social media (Twitter) in footer across all pages
- Image slideshow on About page featuring clickable image thumbnails that load a full size image and bio next to it (see 'About.psd')
- Creating grids for editable side-by-side pictures and text (see 'Sponsors.psd', 'Past Events.psd')

We would also like to retain the fonts used in the art direction files, if possible. The titular font is League Gothic and the content text font is Arial.

The whole website needs to be coded and wrapped up by August 20th.

Skills Required

Web Design, Photoshop,