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I need a clean, professional version of a logo I created for my website:


My idea was vaguely based on the 90's Amazing Spiderman logo:


My version arches the other way.

I'd like there to be more texture to the edges of the letters, but not too much of a 'material' sheen to the body of the letters...Just a little.

I'm open to any kind of unique styling that can be applied to the lettering. This is a fun, adventurous, sci-fi, Doctor Who'ey type subject, and a comedy, but it takes itself very seriously. The logo does not realize it's a comedy--if the logo was self-aware, that is.


Looking at some of the applicants, I am learning more of what I don't want: Something that looks like it came out of a computer. I want an organic, hand-drawn feel.


Once the logo is correct, I'd just like it in transparent png and regular jpg formats, of a large size that I can resize at will. I also need it in a professional format such as Illustrator or eps.

Skills Required