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Thank you so much for your reply! I am the webmaster and administrator of a site focused on a german adult movie company's models and I have a unique opportunity to get an endorsement from a very popular adult actress Annette Schwarz. She is having a contest on her site to help redesign her current site. I will send you the info and let me know if it's something you would be interested in helping out with.

A couple of things:

Let me know your rates...I'll be brokering this with Annette. She will choose the winner so likely she'll pay if she chooses the design. Like any bid for work, she will have to see mock-ups and she will choose the winner, then we can go about designing the site. Include the mock-up and suggested rate and I'll see if she'll pay your suggested rate. Bear in mind I think we'll have a better shot of getting an interview and exclusive pics as a partial trade-off. I am in internet marketing and do SEO, social media and PPC for a living. So if there's any philanthropic efforts or barter, I'd be willing to talk directly with you about that...it can likely increase the chance of your design being chosen if we don't bill her TOO much. (I guess I'm saying I don't want to take too much advantage of her popularity hehe). But in either case, I will offer a link on our site (from every page..it will be in the side navigation). Given the site started in July, we get 200 hits a day on average (we had a 550 hit day recently) and likely will increase as the site gets bigger. The actress may do the same from her site; at least give kudos..so this could lead to more work as well. OR some optimization on your site should you want that. Keep in mind this is not in place of payment but could be used as a supplement for a good rate. Also given my business, perhaps we can form a partnership; I have some ideas about reaching out to these starlets and having an adult-based design company. I have a few contacts including Lily Thai and a few others that could be interested. Good $ if done right!

Here is the direct quote from Annette herself pertaining to what she is asking for. It's pretty detailed but let me know if you need anything further. She is responding to a couple of sites I've designed myself but most of my sites were template based or I just took a long time to design them. I'm an amateur designer that's why I'm reaching out...it would take me forever to come up with something good. haha. Here's the quote:

"I sent you a closer description of the work that i want you to do.
I sure do have some ideas in which direction the new design should go
but as you are the creative designer and i really liked your work, i will also let you your freedom and trust you.
Can you give me a idea about your fee?

Maybe u can make a little preview with your idea about your payment, since i have also someone else that i think would do a good job. So i can look at both of your offers and decide.

Business Name
Redesign my Pornstar Annette Schwarz page

Description of Business I am selling subscriptions for my member area - the porn is rougher
than on other sites... :-)

Existing website

Number of pages

Page descriptions
Since, I want to keep the header area, I thought I'll pack two
into this request:

old page/design: totallyannette.com

- Landingpage with preview box
- Simple Content Page

=> Goal: keep the look-and-feel but give it a fresh re-touch
=> Keep Header Style and grey stripe background
=> Redesign in a way, that the navigation is under the header area
(Navigation got the following elements: -Preview -News -Sign-up
-Member - Shop)

### Landing Page ###

Include Site Facts (like here http://www.plumperpass.com/t1/)
Features, Videos, Photos)

Redesign "Preview Box - Scene Preview" width 900px (1 big picture, 4
Additional smaller pictures, Headline, little Text and a big button
"Watch full scene")
e.g. old preview box:

The Landing Page should have three preview boxes - and then
thumbnails with single pictures and text/date beyond (e.g.
http://www.fantasyone.com/welcome.php beyond "3 exclusive movies adds
every week")

### Content Page ###
Content Pages with 2 colums (left content-big, right with additional
Information-small ) left content column should have Headlines, Sub-Headline, Text,
Pictures within the text (right/left) and big pictures right column with headline, text, picture elements,
links (like a blog sidebar)

Websites for inspiration
actually I like my old page, but it isn't very optimized to get
conversions (sign-ups), so a combination, keeping look and feel with a fresh
conversions orientated design should be great!

Big Kiss and good luck!"

Thanks again for taking time out to read this. Let me know if you can help out and if there's any other information you need...it would really be appreciated.



Mockups are the initial delivery then if chosen the design of the actual website and potentially a few of the graphic elements.

Skills Required

PHP, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Web Design, Web Development