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Why Lean Startups should choose Zoho over Salesforce


Zoho vs Salesforce

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Salesforce seems to be the overwhelming leader when it comes to CRM (Customer Relationship Management), but there is an underdog that I think has carved out a nice little niche away from the big cloud-based CRM systems… I’m talking about Zoho CRM. Salesforce comes across to me as the sexy, we-can-do-it-all, the world is your oyster, come hang out with the “cool kids” CRM provider; but hanging out with the cool kids comes with a premium price tag too and we (still) aren’t ready to pay it. Based on my experiences with Zoho CRM at HiretheWorld, here are 3 great reasons why I think every lean startup should start with Zoho CRM before transitioning to someone like Salesforce.com:

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