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LinkedIn Import – Create the perfect profile in 60 seconds!

Greetings HiretheWorlders,

Image of LinkedIn Profile Import Button

Image of LinkedIn Profile Import Button

I have some very exciting news for you guys today. If you all remember, and follow us on twitter, we announced a few weeks back that we were working on a feature to let you import your profile from LinkedIn to HiretheWorld. Well guess what: It’s finally here!

Let’s face it we all hate seeing that profile completeness bar sitting low. We also hate having to keep updating our profiles on a million different web sites. Well, we heard you loud and clear and asked: “What is the most popular site, where you keep your profiles up to date?”. You answered: “LinkedIn”.

Sounds good, how do I get started?

With our LinkedIn Import feature, you can literally get all the way up to the 100% profile completeness mark, in less than a minute. Let’s see how it works …. Continue Reading

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Interviewing in Spanish without speaking the language

The HiretheWorld team is based entirely in Vancouver, but we work with a global community (members from 127+ countries), so we encounter a huge diversity of languages on a daily basis.

When I began working with some of our freelancers on projects like our Community Spotlight Series it was clear that I needed to increase my linguistic IQ very quickly. For this specific project, I needed to conduct an interview with John Bermúdez, whose first language is Spanish – and produce two publishable versions of the transcript: one English, one Spanish. Continue Reading

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7 Ways to Improve Productivity in Your Current Office

OffceLast week’s article detailed what to look for when moving into a new office space, but even if you’re comfortable in your current office, there are still a number of changes you can make to improve your space. Here are the seven cheapest and easiest ways to improve the atmosphere in your office (literally and figuratively), en route to making life at work better for yourself and for your employees. Continue Reading

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5 Productivity Tools for Small Businesses and Startups

As a tech startup, we use a lot of different tools everyday to help us complete our daily tasks. When you first start down the road of entrepreneurship, it is easy to get distracted with all the cool flashy tools out there made to ‘improve your business’, but keep in mind that there is no productivity app out there that actually does the work for you.

At the end of the day, no matter which tools you use, you’ve still got plan your day properly and work your tail off.  With that being said, we’ve found the following tools that make our work days go by a little more efficiently: Continue Reading

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When Planning Becomes a Problem

The Pursuit of Perfection One thing I’ve learned working in a small business environment is that planning can kill you. Planning is one of the most draining, drawn out processes ever gifted to man by the business gods. Sure, everybody agrees planning is essential. If you’re not planning you’re not doing your job and inviting failure. Right? Probably. But there comes a point where planning ceases to add value to your business, and it begins to stunt your productivity, paralyze your thoughts and slowly drive you insane.

Planning was no doubt invented innocuously enough. Some poor caveman, let’s call him Paul, sank to the ground exhausted and sighed, thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t have to sprint after a deer every time I wanted a meal?” From that moment on, Paul started setting deer traps, saving him time, energy and injury. Thus, planning was born. But Caveman Paul could not have foreseen the implications of his discovery.

Continue Reading

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