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Put your entries on trial with Design Jury!

If you’ve ever started a design contest on HiretheWorld you already know that you’ll receive a ton of great designs in a short period of time. We know, sometimes, it can be a very difficult decision to choose a single entry from so many great options.

That’s why we now provide you with a great new way to help you choose the best design. This not only helps you to promote your brand, you can see how the community reacts to each individual entry. Think of it as market research for free! Continue Reading

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How to Make Your Small Business Look Larger than Life

Whether you’re a one-person show working from a laptop in Starbucks or a couple of guys running a small business from your apartment, you never want the size of your business’ workspace to reflect your company’s value. However, to really thrive, companies often need help in a number of fields; tasks like marketing, design and web management require a specialized workforce, but hiring a lot of in-house workers can be prohibitively expensive and pull from your revenue stream. So what can you do to make your small business look bigger to the world?

By outsourcing a web of contracted workers to supplement work in areas other than your primary business, you can produce quality work on a greater scale at a faster pace—creating a larger than life reputation for your company without going over budget.

Here are a few ideas on how to magnify your company’s profile without having to hire an HR department:

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Top 3 Reasons Why Small Businesses should Advertise on Facebook

Facebook ads will change the way you advertise online.

Facebook ads will change the way you advertise online.

The rise in popularity of social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin have given small businesses an incredible opportunity to grow their business through affordable advertising.

Most small business owners have started to see the value of services like Facebook but what some don’t realize is that Facebook is quickly becoming the place to be for advertising. Big companies such as Coca Cola and Starbucks have invested heavily in promoting their brands on Facebook and you can start today even if you don’t have the same million dollar budgets.

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