HiretheWorld Launches New Idea Contest Product

Idea Contest Provides an Online Marketplace for Thoughts and Solutions

VANCOUVER, British Columbia  (June 10th 2011) HiretheWorld has for several years connected professional design talent with employers & small businesses on a global scale through a contest-type format called crowdsourcing. Today’s launch of Idea Contest is the next step in the Burnaby based company’s vision of a startup business crowdsourcing suite.  Idea Contest will allow businesses to pose a question or present a problem to a network of creative individuals and receive hundreds of submissions in response. The client then chooses his or her favorite submission and pays for only that idea.

Arash Afrooze, HiretheWorld’s CTO, sees the Idea Contest as a logical addition for the company, and for clients. “Design Contests are a great solution for small businesses, but in order to use them, you need to know what your brand name is and probably what your website is called. If your business is starting from scratch, Idea Contests can get you to that stage quickly and easily.”

Idea contest will function very similarly to design contest in that a client looking for a creative solution writes a description of what they require, posts a prize amount and awaits submissions. The difference is that instead of outlining design requirements, the brief will be a description of a problem or challenge. The team’s initial vision for idea contest has clients using it to unlock creative names and taglines for their brands and websites. Long term, this product could bring professionals from many fields together in a collaborative solution generating think tank.

One of the most exciting features of Idea Contest is that there are no barriers to getting involved. As opposed to video and design contests, Idea Contest requires no equipment or software to create a submission. This accessibility makes idea contest a powerful tool to reach into an ever growing pool of cognitive muscle and find the perfect idea.

“Nothing to do on a Sunday morning? Log in to Idea contest and write down a few ideas. It’s a simple, fast and fun way to get a chance at earning some pretty good money,” says COO Doug Beech. “I wish I had something like this available to me when I was in school.”

Launched on June 10th, Idea Contest is available to clients and creative minded individuals and can be accessed at https://www.hiretheworld.com/how-it-works/idea.



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