HiretheWorld Launches Freelance Design Engine

HiretheWorld Becomes one of the First to Offer Both Crowdsourcing and Freelancing Employment Tools.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (June 10th 2011) HiretheWorld’s latest product launch represents a huge step towards achieving their goal of becoming the leader in online work. HiretheWorld’s new Freelance tool allows employers to browse an online database of professional creative talent, examine portfolios of past work, interview candidates, and hire their ideal worker on an individual basis. This allows businesses to increase their work force and adjust the skill set of their staff on a temporary basis to address tasks as they come up.

This represents a departure from HiretheWorld’s existing products which had all been built upon the idea of crowdsourcing, a concept that invites submissions from a large group of professionals with the client then paying for their preferred solution. CEO Terry Beech feels this expansion makes the company a more robust work solutions provider. “The great thing about having the crowdsourcing contests and the one-on-one freelance relationships all in one site is that it provides employers a comprehensive working tool,” says CEO Terry Beech. “If you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for, create a contest and look through hundreds of creative ideas until you find that perfect logo, video or idea. On the other hand, if you need a very specific job done, contact your favorite online worker and get a finished product in a matter of hours.”

While the Freelance product initially offers only design work, it will be expanding to fit the ever growing skill set of HiretheWorld’s professional talent network. The vision for Freelance has it soon being able to offer website programming, data entry and videography on a freelance basis.

HiretheWorld’s Freelance Engine was launched June 10th, 2011 and is available to employers and freelance workers of all skill sets at https://www.hiretheworld.com/how-it-works/freelance.



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Evan Duxbury

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