8 Tips for Managing Virtual Employees

Imagine, waking up to a beautiful sunrise, knowing that while you slept, your virtual employee  had been putting the finishing touches on the report you need to present today. This is becoming a reality for more and more of the small businesses we deal with as outsourcing begins to establish itself as an essential part of startup operations. With technology making it so easy to coordinate activities with brilliant people all around the world, outsourcing has become a common solution for a very common problem: one person only has so much time in a day. But if outsourcing is going to become a major part of daily operations, it’s important that we know how to do it properly. Below are a few recommendations to make your outsourcing projects a success.

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7 Ways to Improve Productivity in Your Current Office

OffceLast week’s article detailed what to look for when moving into a new office space, but even if you’re comfortable in your current office, there are still a number of changes you can make to improve your space. Here are the seven cheapest and easiest ways to improve the atmosphere in your office (literally and figuratively), en route to making life at work better for yourself and for your employees. Continue Reading

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Top 3 Factors to Consider When Office Shopping

Prime Office SpaceA company’s office is far more than just a roof over employees’ heads. The headquarters of a company communicate the corporate personality and priorities to employees, investors and customers. Internally, the office can pay dividends if it inspires creativity and communication, but can hamper production if employees are desperate to escape every day at 5:00.

With this in mind, it’s clear the office you choose can have long lasting effects on the success of your business. Whether you are looking at moving your small business into its first commercial space, upgrading your space to suit your company’s growth or downsizing to help balance the books, here are the 3 major factors that should influence your search for the perfect office.

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Outsourcing to Automate your Small Business

Entrepreneur or Self Employed? Automation makes the Difference.


A colleague of mine recently introduced me to a fascinating blog called Kalzumeus which details a programmer’s  quest to transform a simple program designed to generate bingo cards into a very profitable (and automated) business. The blog describes, in surprising detail, all the steps that led him to success. I am just beginning to sort through all of his ideas and conclusions but I wanted to share one post in particular that caught my attention.

Titled “Running a Software Business on 5 Hours a Week,” this post describes the steps Kalzumeus took to automating as many processes as possible in his bingo card generating enterprise. As this was a side project, he struggled to find the time with his career job occupying so much of his day. This time pressure drove the author to develop mechanisms capable of saving him a few hours a day, and outsourcing wound up playing a critical role in his push to automate his business, and move from being self employed, to being a true entrepreneur.

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