Three Embarrassing Mistakes to Edit Away

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but typos can kill (your professional image, at least). Whether you’re publishing a brochure or a blog—anytime you use words to represent yourself—your business, or your brand, there’s the opportunity for credibility-reducing error.

You could ask your mom, boyfriend, or best friend to check your work, but unless they’re editors (no judgment—neither my mom, boyfriend, nor best friend can edit), they probably don’t know what to look for and won’t be able to help to a professional level. Outsourcing the services of a professional copyeditor or proofreader gives your work the oh-so-critical second set of eyes that the people in the following examples probably wish they’d had.

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How to Get the Results You Want From Your Contractor

Outsourcing is a great way to grow your small business without having to commit to more in-house staff, but how can you ensure that your contractor is going to deliver precisely the results that you want? While the skills and talents of the hired professional will certainly come into the equation, there are steps that you can take as the employer to get what you want too. This is true of hiring freelance writers, like me, as well as graphic designers, web coders, app developers, and more.

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How to Make Your Small Business Look Larger than Life

Whether you’re a one-person show working from a laptop in Starbucks or a couple of guys running a small business from your apartment, you never want the size of your business’ workspace to reflect your company’s value. However, to really thrive, companies often need help in a number of fields; tasks like marketing, design and web management require a specialized workforce, but hiring a lot of in-house workers can be prohibitively expensive and pull from your revenue stream. So what can you do to make your small business look bigger to the world?

By outsourcing a web of contracted workers to supplement work in areas other than your primary business, you can produce quality work on a greater scale at a faster pace—creating a larger than life reputation for your company without going over budget.

Here are a few ideas on how to magnify your company’s profile without having to hire an HR department:

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10 Creative Tasks Worth Outsourcing

Do certain tasks take up more of your time than they’re worth? Rather than waste valuable time trying to perform a task you either hate or aren’t qualified for, or—worse—miss out on opportunities to optimize your business, consider outsourcing. Outsourcing lets you access a spectrum of experience and expertise that are worth the expense.

Loathe a lot of tasks? Here are a few easy-to-outsource jobs to contemplate:

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Employer Profile: Captherm Systems Inc.

Captherm LogoCaptherm Systems Inc. is an excellent example of how Creative Contests can get a company’s branding campaign off the ground in a hurry. Starting from scratch is a tough place to be for many entrepreneurs. A do-it-yourself logo, website or poster will never have the polish necessary to communicate a professional image to your audience. If you decide to reach out to a traditional design firm, it can be very difficult (and time consuming) to describe what you’re looking for, especially when you aren’t sure exactly what you want. Captherm Systems Inc. used Design Contests to access the creative minds of dozens of designers to quickly and affordably find the perfect design to capture the essence of their business.

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