Kickstarter Project ‘StrangePlay’ Leverages Online Collaboration to Turn Ideas Into Reality

StrangePlay: Where Do You Go? is a creative film project that leveraged online collaboration to turn ideas into reality. The film examines isolation through dependance on electronic devices. Cleverly and ironically, StrangePlay used those same concepts to bring people together in collaboration for the film’s development. This includes Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform and HiretheWorld’s collaborative work platform. The following explains how StrangePlay chose to leverage these collaboration tools provided by two innovative companies.

Investment Tool: Kickstarter

StrangePlay had four options for finding $15,000 worth of financing for production: 1) investors 2) grants 3) friends and family 4) crowdfunding. Traditional means through investors and grants usually take months to apply and require proof of return on investment (ROI). Friends and family are the most supportive, but usually lack access to extensive funds and still include a hidden obligation of ROI. Crowdfunding, with companies such as Kickstarter, provide a platform where the public is engaged and can easily opt in to finance ideas they simply think are cool, useful or inspiring. Funding is immediate and ROI is not the focus. Investors are happy to see the project through and receive ‘thank you’ benefits, set by the project. Crowdfunding is the vehicle StrangePlay and countless other entrepreneurs choose to use due to its flexible nature.

Kickstarter follows an all-or-nothing approach, whereby only those projects that are pledged 100% or more of their target actually receive that funding. As a result, StrangePlay actively campaigned for investors throughout the process. StrangePlay conducted a dynamic viral campaign including social media outreach and a front page article in the Arts section of the Huffington Post to achieve this. The more pledges they received, creating more buzz on their Kickstarter page, the more investors wanted to join in and support.

Design Tool: HiretheWorld

Part of StrangePlay‘s campaign was to include a logo for publicity materials and reward tiers for campaigning. StrangePlay came to HiretheWorld, an online collaborative platform, to connect with designers all over the world to create a logo that truly branded their project. They could have taken the traditional route of using an agency or in-house designer which would have cost from $500-$1000, but instead was able to collaborate with designers from all over the world for less. StrangePlay ran a contest for only $200, and received 130 custom logo designs from 28 designers all over the world in just 7 days. The winning design and runner-ups below:

End Result

StrangePlay LogoStrangePlay’s active campaigning through Kickstarter while leveraging HiretheWorld’s design platform allowed StrangePlay to reach their set goal of $15,000 a full day ahead of schedule, with the support of 116 backers. A success story that will see StrangePlay head into full production this year.

Online collaborative tools such as Kickstarter and HiretheWorld have innovated the way we see through a creative project or conduct business by leveraging the assets and skills of others. Kickstarter has funded over $100 million worth of creative projects in just 2.5 years. HiretheWorld has connected thousands of people world-wide in support of such ventures. It is this collaboration that sparks and fuels much of today’s entrepreneurial community. With projects such as StrangePlay, leading the way in utilizing these new strategies and tools, we are sure to see this community thrive.

StrangePlay: Where Do You Go? examines both connectivity and isolation through our dependency upon devices. While these devices provide unique methods of sharing that unavoidably set the tempo of our modern lives, Strange Play explores the influence these devices have on our changing human relationships.

Visit StrangePlay at:

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