5 Productivity Tools for Small Businesses and Startups

As a tech startup, we use a lot of different tools everyday to help us complete our daily tasks. When you first start down the road of entrepreneurship, it is easy to get distracted with all the cool flashy tools out there made to ‘improve your business’, but keep in mind that there is no productivity app out there that actually does the work for you.

At the end of the day, no matter which tools you use, you’ve still got plan your day properly and work your tail off.  With that being said, we’ve found the following tools that make our work days go by a little more efficiently:

1. Google Docs for Sprint Strategy Management:

Both our developer and marketing teams use Google Docs to organize tasks and priorities. The focus on making documents collaborative really shine through and the features are established to a point that we rarely use Microsoft Excel anymore.

2. Jing (Windows), Get Cloud App, (Mac) and Awesome Screenshot (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) for Product Testing and Customer Service:

The cliche “a picture says a thousand words” is an old one but we’ve found it to be true when it comes to serving our customers. Sometimes, it can be hard to describe where certain buttons are on a page, but with these screenshot apps, we can simply show them. On a similar note, having screenshots helps tremendously when bug-testing as well.

3. Yammer for Office Communication:

Yammer is our main source of office communication. We use it for everything from updating our progress to sharing inspiration quotes and sharing screenshots. Oh, and Yoda pops by from time to time.

4. Dropbox for Collaborative File Sharing :

We’re hardly the only ones who think Dropbox is a great tool for all startup teams. We mainly use Dropbox for file sharing within our company, but talking about all the ways your business could benefit from Dropbox is probably a separate blog post on its own.

5. Notebook for Idea Generation:

Don’t bother googling for notebook apps, I’m referring to pen and paper. There are lots of times during a day when we have a quick idea but have no where to put it. I have tried many apps, both on a PC or mobile, but none of them are as fast as having a notepad by me. Also, don’t be fooled by entrepreneurs telling you to get moleskines – when you’re a lean startup, anything with binding and paper will do. Your best bet is the closest dollar store.

What tools do you use to help your daily productivity?

About Sam Chan

Sam is the Communications Officer at HiretheWorld and in charge of connecting internal communications with our online community. He is currently the only Sam at the office. His personal twitter can be found @anothersamchan
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