Book Cover Design Contests for Everybody!

We’re giving away two FREE Book Cover Design Contests!!!

Win a Free Book Cover Design Contest

If you’re a writer, or you know somebody who writes, then this is for you! A big part of publishing a successful book is the cover. It’s what attracts the eyes of your audience and communicates what to expect before even reaching the prologue. These contests (total value of $1090) will connect you with dozens of creative designers who specialize in creating attention grabbing designs.

“Oh Evan, that sounds so awesome, but how do I enter?” Great question. Simply visit the Book Cover Contest page and enter a few pieces of information about your story to have a chance at winning. Once you’ve entered your story, you can get extra chances to win by sharing the contest with your friends!

For more details, visit the Book Cover Design Contest page.

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Evan is the Marketing Officer at HiretheWorld and is always on the lookout for new challenges and new ideas. You can find him on LinkedIn or on Twitter @EvanDuxbury.
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