Put your entries on trial with Design Jury!

If you’ve ever started a design contest on HiretheWorld you already know that you’ll receive a ton of great designs in a short period of time. We know, sometimes, it can be a very difficult decision to choose a single entry from so many great options.

That’s why we now provide you with a great new way to help you choose the best design. This not only helps you to promote your brand, you can see how the community reacts to each individual entry. Think of it as market research for free!

Ask The Design Jury!!

Once your design contest receives 20 entries you can start asking the public to help you with the process of choosing a design:

Design Jury Unlocked

Design Jury Unlocked.

We recommend that you rate your entries before asking for help, just to guide your jury in the right direction. However, if you feel confident to leave the rating in the hands of your friends or the public, that’s fine too! But don’t worry – you always have the last say in who wins the contest.

How To Activate

  1. To activate the Design Jury, click on the “Ask The Design Jury” link to select your options. You can select who can rate your entries and which entries they’re allowed to see:
    Design Jury Form

    Design Jury Settings.

  2. Once you confirm your selection, you’ll be provided with a unique link that you can share with anyone you want – get the word out by giving this link out and recruit your friends, colleagues – and your target market – and get some valuable feedback:
    Design Jury Link

    Design Jury Sharing Options.

  3. That’s it. Just go to your contest page to see the ratings for your entries!
    Design Jury Ratings

    Design Jury Entry Ratings.

If you choose to open the rating to the public you’ll see your design contest in the browse page with a link to the Design Jury page:

Design Jury Public

Design Jury is shown to the public on the browse page.

How To Rate

When someone goes to your Design Jury link they will be presented with a preview page with your contest entries.

Design Jury Preview Page

Preview entries before starting to rate.

Once they start rating they will see a single entry to rate with a thumbnail of the previously rated entry and a preview of the next design. You can easily skip an entry by clicking on the next entry or clicking on a entry from the “Show All Entries” menu.

Design Jury Rating Page

Rate entries by clicking on a number.

We had lots of fun developing this feature and hope you’ll enjoy sharing your contests with friends, colleagues, and family. And if you’ve been chosen to rate a contest, enjoy your… JURY DUTY!

About Sasan Hezarkhani

Sasan Hezarkhani is a junior developer at HiretheWorld. A co-op student from SFU, he enjoys great User Interface designs and has strong interest in anything related to computers.
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