New look profile pages are now live!

Good News Everyone! The first phase of our new profile pages update has gone live:

Example of the new look profile pages, showing a screenshot of Moonflowers profile

Example of the new look profile pages, showing a screenshot of Moonflowers profile

The profiles have evolved a little bit since we first posted the mock-ups back in November, and we’ve been working long and hard on making your profiles look great and to get you more work – so go check them out and let us know what you think!

We’ve changed pretty much everything on the profile pages – but the following changes might need action by you, so you should check your profile and update things to take maximum advantage of these new features!

Better Avatars

Screenshot showing the new larger size avatars

New, larger size avatars

We’re now displaying larger, more visually appealing avatars in our profile page! Sadly, we’re currently using scaled up versions of the previous avatars – to take full advantage of the new larger avatar sizes, upload a new avatar image. We’ll now keep the original image that you upload, and create high quality thumbnails in various sizes, for use on the site. If we ever need avatar thumbnails in different sizes in the future, we’ll just create them from your most recent original uploaded image. So, for best results, I suggest you upload a new high resolution, high quality, square profile image.

Featured Skills

Screenshot showing and example of the new yellow highlighted featured skills on a profile page.

Example of the new featured skills

We now support featured skills and highlight these at the top of your profile page, and in mini-profiles on other parts of the site. We have automatically assigned up to five (the maximum number) featured skills to people, based on your existing skills – but feel free to go and edit these.

Improved Descriptions & About Section

There is now a short description at the top of the profile – to give potential employers a short summary of your skills and specialties. The old description is now in the About section – and can be much longer, so feel free to go into details here and really promote yourself to potential employers.

So, that’s a quick roundup of the new look profile pages! We hope you like them :)

We’ve got more to come – we’ll be improving portfolio’s as part two of this, along with more work on skills and getting you hired! In the meantime, checkout your new-look profile, update your avatar and featured skills and then start earning – checkout the one-on-one freelance jobs and design contests we’ve currently got available for you to work on!

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Duncan is a Senior developer at HiretheWorld. He spans the boundary between development and marketing, spending his time coding in PHP, SQL, CSS and fixing bugs - as well as doing SEO, Marketing and Writing.
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