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New Browse page, New Start a Contest Process, New logged in Header

Our site re-design continues at full speed! We just launched a new Browse Contests page, a new Start a Contest Process and a new logged in Header!

We’re using brand new technology to build these pages. All our new pages use HTML5 & Bootstrap and are designed to be responsive – magically re-arranging themselves for different screen sizes, like phones and tablets. You can try this out by visiting one of our new pages & resizing your browser window and seeing things move around!

As with all our new pages, we’re focusing on Simplicity and Ease of Use. We’re discovering that Simplicity is much harder than it looks and involves making hard choices. Making things look simpler only takes you so far – you have to actually make the simpler to reap the benefits. This often involves re-thinking or even removing features and really focusing on what’s most important.

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No More Withdrawal Fees (Mostly)


From KniBaron

There are very few things in life that nobody likes. The government likes taxes, frogs like mosquitos and some people even like watching Twilight. But everybody can agree that withdrawal fees are the worst. We don’t like collecting them and you don’t like paying them. So we’re finally getting rid of HTW withdrawal fees for the following withdrawal methods:

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Mailed Cheques (US Citizens)
  • Email Money Transfer (Canadian Citizens)

Unfortunately we haven’t removed the fee to use Western Union because it’s so much work for us, but we’re working on it!

Please be aware we can’t eliminate the fees charged by those companies to use their services (we would if we could!) but every little bit helps. If you have any suggestions or ideas about other payment methods, let us know!

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HiretheWorld Social Settings: Get people talkin’ with free advertising

Social Media are great!

Got Talent? Show it off to the important people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

With our new social connect feature, you can now share your HiretheWorld activity with your friends and colleagues to promote yourself and your work.

You can choose what to share, whether it’s your latest award-winning logo design, getting hired or completing freelance projects. HiretheWorld lets you seamlessly connect and update your successes with your favourite online communities. Continue Reading

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Put your entries on trial with Design Jury!

If you’ve ever started a design contest on HiretheWorld you already know that you’ll receive a ton of great designs in a short period of time. We know, sometimes, it can be a very difficult decision to choose a single entry from so many great options.

That’s why we now provide you with a great new way to help you choose the best design. This not only helps you to promote your brand, you can see how the community reacts to each individual entry. Think of it as market research for free! Continue Reading

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Invite Your Friends – Make money helping your friends find work or workers!

Whether you’re playing volleyball at the beach or shopping for some news shoes, the good things in life are always more fun when you’re with your friends. Now we’ve made it easy (and lucrative) for you to share HiretheWorld with the people you know. Use this to make a little extra money while helping your friends find work or workers online!

Every time a user you invited using your personal link pays or gets paid, you’ll receive a piece of the prize. Read on to learn more or simply start inviting to get started! Continue Reading

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