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HiretheWorld helping Published Authors’ Ebooks sell on Amazon

Stealing Home Book Cover

Stealing Home

We’re super lucky here at HiretheWorld to have the chance to work with so many great people working on great ideas; from innovative theatre to new ways of displaying information to clients. Not all of these projects bear fruit, but when they do succeed, we love celebrating them. So when we heard that Phil Lemmons had launched his ebook “Stealing Home: The Con’s Guide to Inheritance Theft” on, we were thrilled!

Back in the winter months, Phil contacted us about the possibility of getting a book cover done with us. He’s an expert in estate planning and inheritance law, and had already done the hard work of writing 121 pages worth of content. However, like many authors he isn’t a designer and wanted to make sure his book looked professional.

He ended up running a pro level Book Cover Contest with us for $1200. He received over 150 entries from designers around the world:

Runner Up

Runner Up - Emadz

Runner Up

Runner Up - Geisha

Runner Up

Runner Up - Les Graphistes

Eventually he decided on a winner from Storm as seen at the top of this post. Overall, a wonderful contest and a wonderful final result!

If you or anybody you know is looking for advice on inheritance planning, you should check out Phil’s book or his practice (

If you’re thinking about getting your book cover designed, you should definitely check out our Book Cover Contest…Contest for your chance to win a free design contest.

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Interviewing in Spanish without speaking the language

The HiretheWorld team is based entirely in Vancouver, but we work with a global community (members from 127+ countries), so we encounter a huge diversity of languages on a daily basis.

When I began working with some of our freelancers on projects like our Community Spotlight Series it was clear that I needed to increase my linguistic IQ very quickly. For this specific project, I needed to conduct an interview with John Bermúdez, whose first language is Spanish – and produce two publishable versions of the transcript: one English, one Spanish. Continue Reading

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Kickstarter Project ‘StrangePlay’ Leverages Online Collaboration to Turn Ideas Into Reality

StrangePlay: Where Do You Go? is a creative film project that leveraged online collaboration to turn ideas into reality. The film examines isolation through dependance on electronic devices. Cleverly and ironically, StrangePlay used those same concepts to bring people together in collaboration for the film’s development. This includes Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform and HiretheWorld’s collaborative work platform. The following explains how StrangePlay chose to leverage these collaboration tools provided by two innovative companies.

Investment Tool: Kickstarter

StrangePlay had four options for finding $15,000 worth of financing for production: 1) investors 2) grants 3) friends and family 4) crowdfunding. Traditional means through investors and grants usually take months to apply and require proof of return on investment (ROI). Continue Reading

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ZF Creative – another HiretheWorld success story!

ZF Creative Logo

ZF Creative Logo, a worthy logo contest winner - 97 great designs for only $200!

Just heard from Zen at Zf Creative – his new Demo Reel is now live! Zen ran a logo design contest with us back in August, and ended up with a really great Logo. The final logo emerged as the worthy winner from among 97 other excellent entries – from 23 different designers – all for just $200.

They’ve now put up their new demo reel, featuring the new ZF Creative logo front and centre :)

Zen founded Zf Creative, a Portland firm that’s committed to high quality script-to-screen video production – and Zen himself specializes in Directing, Producing, Camera, Writing, Art Direction & Viral Video. We think he’s pretty good at it too – check out his portfolio of great work on Vimeo.

Hey! You can hire any of the freelancers featured in this article, just by clicking on their profiles below:

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Employer Profile: Captherm Systems Inc.

Captherm LogoCaptherm Systems Inc. is an excellent example of how Creative Contests can get a company’s branding campaign off the ground in a hurry. Starting from scratch is a tough place to be for many entrepreneurs. A do-it-yourself logo, website or poster will never have the polish necessary to communicate a professional image to your audience. If you decide to reach out to a traditional design firm, it can be very difficult (and time consuming) to describe what you’re looking for, especially when you aren’t sure exactly what you want. Captherm Systems Inc. used Design Contests to access the creative minds of dozens of designers to quickly and affordably find the perfect design to capture the essence of their business.

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