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HiretheWorld helping Published Authors’ Ebooks sell on Amazon

Stealing Home Book Cover

Stealing Home

We’re super lucky here at HiretheWorld to have the chance to work with so many great people working on great ideas; from innovative theatre to new ways of displaying information to clients. Not all of these projects bear fruit, but when they do succeed, we love celebrating them. So when we heard that Phil Lemmons had launched his ebook “Stealing Home: The Con’s Guide to Inheritance Theft” on, we were thrilled!

Back in the winter months, Phil contacted us about the possibility of getting a book cover done with us. He’s an expert in estate planning and inheritance law, and had already done the hard work of writing 121 pages worth of content. However, like many authors he isn’t a designer and wanted to make sure his book looked professional.

He ended up running a pro level Book Cover Contest with us for $1200. He received over 150 entries from designers around the world:

Runner Up

Runner Up - Emadz

Runner Up

Runner Up - Geisha

Runner Up

Runner Up - Les Graphistes

Eventually he decided on a winner from Storm as seen at the top of this post. Overall, a wonderful contest and a wonderful final result!

If you or anybody you know is looking for advice on inheritance planning, you should check out Phil’s book or his practice (

If you’re thinking about getting your book cover designed, you should definitely check out our Book Cover Contest…Contest for your chance to win a free design contest.

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Book Cover Design Contests for Everybody!

We’re giving away two FREE Book Cover Design Contests!!!

Win a Free Book Cover Design Contest

If you’re a writer, or you know somebody who writes, then this is for you! A big part of publishing a successful book is the cover. It’s what attracts the eyes of your audience and communicates what to expect before even reaching the prologue. These contests (total value of $1090) will connect you with dozens of creative designers who specialize in creating attention grabbing designs.

“Oh Evan, that sounds so awesome, but how do I enter?” Great question. Simply visit the Book Cover Contest page and enter a few pieces of information about your story to have a chance at winning. Once you’ve entered your story, you can get extra chances to win by sharing the contest with your friends!

For more details, visit the Book Cover Design Contest page.

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property from Patent Trolls

Patent Troll


Patent trolls aren’t imaginary monsters that live under a bridge (although they share some revolting characteristics). They’re worse … and they’re real.

A patent troll is a company or individual who owns or purchases a patent to charge other companies for infringing on their patent, making profit through settlements. Where patents were originally designed to prevent theft of intellectual property, it seems they’ve become a money-making weapon.

The worst part? It could be your money.

So, what harm does “trolling” really cause, and how can companies fight back?

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Why Lean Startups should choose Zoho over Salesforce


Zoho vs Salesforce

Image credit: Liventerprise

Salesforce seems to be the overwhelming leader when it comes to CRM (Customer Relationship Management), but there is an underdog that I think has carved out a nice little niche away from the big cloud-based CRM systems… I’m talking about Zoho CRM. Salesforce comes across to me as the sexy, we-can-do-it-all, the world is your oyster, come hang out with the “cool kids” CRM provider; but hanging out with the cool kids comes with a premium price tag too and we (still) aren’t ready to pay it. Based on my experiences with Zoho CRM at HiretheWorld, here are 3 great reasons why I think every lean startup should start with Zoho CRM before transitioning to someone like

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Interviewing in Spanish without speaking the language

The HiretheWorld team is based entirely in Vancouver, but we work with a global community (members from 127+ countries), so we encounter a huge diversity of languages on a daily basis.

When I began working with some of our freelancers on projects like our Community Spotlight Series it was clear that I needed to increase my linguistic IQ very quickly. For this specific project, I needed to conduct an interview with John Bermúdez, whose first language is Spanish – and produce two publishable versions of the transcript: one English, one Spanish. Continue Reading

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