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New Browse page, New Start a Contest Process, New logged in Header

Our site re-design continues at full speed! We just launched a new Browse Contests page, a new Start a Contest Process and a new logged in Header!

We’re using brand new technology to build these pages. All our new pages use HTML5 & Bootstrap and are designed to be responsive – magically re-arranging themselves for different screen sizes, like phones and tablets. You can try this out by visiting one of our new pages & resizing your browser window and seeing things move around!

As with all our new pages, we’re focusing on Simplicity and Ease of Use. We’re discovering that Simplicity is much harder than it looks and involves making hard choices. Making things look simpler only takes you so far – you have to actually make the simpler to reap the benefits. This often involves re-thinking or even removing features and really focusing on what’s most important.

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12 Critical Details to know before designing a Book Cover

Book Covers

Books need covers

I recently came across a great post from Preston D Lee at the Graphic Design Blender about all the questions designers should be asking themselves before starting a design project. Some of them were specific to a freelance relationship with a client but most could be applied just as easily to design contests holders here at HiretheWorld. One type of contest I think our community is going to start seeing more often is book cover contests, so I thought I’d write up a similar list of things designers need to keep in mind when working on a book cover.

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What if Olympics 2012 worked on Spec?

London 2012 Logo

London 2012 Logo

If you took in any of the coverage of the London 2012 Olympics, you saw the polarizing London 2012 logo that created such a stir. A competitive tendering process led to Wolff Olins being chosen to develop this design months before it was first released, but not all Olympic designs are chosen in this manner. With the designs of the Olympic logo, torch and medals having such a dramatic influence on the games, there’s intense pressure for organizers to get it right. One increasingly popular way to do that is to open up the design to the public, engaging in that controversial topic of “spec work.”

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No More Withdrawal Fees (Mostly)


From KniBaron

There are very few things in life that nobody likes. The government likes taxes, frogs like mosquitos and some people even like watching Twilight. But everybody can agree that withdrawal fees are the worst. We don’t like collecting them and you don’t like paying them. So we’re finally getting rid of HTW withdrawal fees for the following withdrawal methods:

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Mailed Cheques (US Citizens)
  • Email Money Transfer (Canadian Citizens)

Unfortunately we haven’t removed the fee to use Western Union because it’s so much work for us, but we’re working on it!

Please be aware we can’t eliminate the fees charged by those companies to use their services (we would if we could!) but every little bit helps. If you have any suggestions or ideas about other payment methods, let us know!

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Tour De France: A Jersey Design Challenge

With the Tour de France winding toward the finish line, everybody is gunning for that yellow jersey. But it’s clear to all the spectators that some teams ride in style while others are forced to wear an unpleasant blur of dizzying colour. Creating a website or a logo design is a tough job, but jamming together a dozen different logos onto one jersey while trying to maintain balance and the team’s own brand takes that challenge to a whole new level.

As an avid biker myself I thought I’d lend my thoughts on which designers did the best job working within the contraints imposed by their sponsors. My ratings reflect the look of the jersey and the degree of difficulty:

Team FDJ (from

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