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What if Olympics 2012 worked on Spec?

London 2012 Logo

London 2012 Logo

If you took in any of the coverage of the London 2012 Olympics, you saw the polarizing London 2012 logo that created such a stir. A competitive tendering process led to Wolff Olins being chosen to develop this design months before it was first released, but not all Olympic designs are chosen in this manner. With the designs of the Olympic logo, torch and medals having such a dramatic influence on the games, there’s intense pressure for organizers to get it right. One increasingly popular way to do that is to open up the design to the public, engaging in that controversial topic of “spec work.”

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property from Patent Trolls

Patent Troll


Patent trolls aren’t imaginary monsters that live under a bridge (although they share some revolting characteristics). They’re worse … and they’re real.

A patent troll is a company or individual who owns or purchases a patent to charge other companies for infringing on their patent, making profit through settlements. Where patents were originally designed to prevent theft of intellectual property, it seems they’ve become a money-making weapon.

The worst part? It could be your money.

So, what harm does “trolling” really cause, and how can companies fight back?

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