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New Browse page, New Start a Contest Process, New logged in Header

Our site re-design continues at full speed! We just launched a new Browse Contests page, a new Start a Contest Process and a new logged in Header!

We’re using brand new technology to build these pages. All our new pages use HTML5 & Bootstrap and are designed to be responsive – magically re-arranging themselves for different screen sizes, like phones and tablets. You can try this out by visiting one of our new pages & resizing your browser window and seeing things move around!

As with all our new pages, we’re focusing on Simplicity and Ease of Use. We’re discovering that Simplicity is much harder than it looks and involves making hard choices. Making things look simpler only takes you so far – you have to actually make the simpler to reap the benefits. This often involves re-thinking or even removing features and really focusing on what’s most important.

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Escrow: The Safest Way to Pay Online Workers

HiretheWorld just got a little more awesome…We’re happy to report that our long awaited escrow system is now live!

Diagram showing money being placed into the escrow account, where it is held in trust until the project is completed.

Employers: You can now deposit money into a project without releasing it to the freelancer until you receive and approve the finished work.

  • Pay comfortably knowing that HTW protects your money
  • Receive better applicants
  • Get projects started immediately without the “money first / work first” debate

Freelancers: You can now work on projects knowing that your employer has the money to pay for your work and that payment is guaranteed if you return quality work.

  • Work comfortably knowing that HTW protects your money
  • Work with employers who are serious about their projects

How does HiretheWorld keep both sides protected? If a dispute arises, our mediation service helps facilitate communication between the two parties, to help them reach an agreeable resolution. Happily, this approach leads to a solution 99% of the time.

However, in some cases, mediation is not enough. In these cases, HiretheWorld, or an external arbitrator, will make a binding decision to protect our users from unfair practices. You can read more about our dispute mediation service here.

Ensuring our users are able to work and pay securely and comfortably has been a huge point of emphasis for us and it’s clear from the response of our community that escrow is a big piece of the puzzle.

Stay tuned for the launch of our “hourly progress software” later this quarter which will make working online even easier.

To get a more in-depth look at our escrow system, click here.

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HiretheWorld founder Arash Afrooze winner of 1st annual FuEL Awards

Launched in 2011, the FuEL Awards were created to promote entrepreneurship in Canada by identifying forward-thinking role models for youth and illustrating the many benefits of venturing out on one’s own.

FuEL Awards for Canada's Best Young Entrepreneurs winners
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From geek speak to global business

A brief review of the crowdsourcing industry as a whole and an in depth look at HiretheWorld’s plans to expand from a Design Contest website into a world leader in online work. Article by Rick Spence.

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Web startup finds success following tech award

An update of HiretheWorld’s progress one year on from winning first prize at the NVBC competition. Article by Scott Simpson.

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