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About Duncan Lock

Duncan is a Senior developer at HiretheWorld. He spans the boundary between development and marketing, spending his time coding in PHP, SQL, CSS and fixing bugs - as well as doing SEO, Marketing and Writing.

HiretheWorld Social Settings: Get people talkin’ with free advertising

Social Media are great!

Got Talent? Show it off to the important people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

With our new social connect feature, you can now share your HiretheWorld activity with your friends and colleagues to promote yourself and your work.

You can choose what to share, whether it’s your latest award-winning logo design, getting hired or completing freelance projects. HiretheWorld lets you seamlessly connect and update your successes with your favourite online communities. Continue Reading

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HiretheWorld Community Photo’s

I’ve recently started changing the HiretheWorld facebook timeline picture every few days, to feature some great photo’s from our global community.

We have a great community, from all around the world – now up to 129 countries! I’d really love to share a flavour of your part of the world with the rest of the HiretheWorld community.

So, send us some pics from where you live! Can be of whatever you think looks good, providing that you took the photo – no cheating!

Post them on our facebook wall, put them on flickr and post a link on our wall, tweet them to us, comment here – doesn’t matter really, just send us some pics of your part of the world and we’ll feature the best ones – along with the person who sent them – here on our blog, on facebook, on Google+ and generally big up you and your work! Continue Reading

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Interviewing in Spanish without speaking the language

The HiretheWorld team is based entirely in Vancouver, but we work with a global community (members from 127+ countries), so we encounter a huge diversity of languages on a daily basis.

When I began working with some of our freelancers on projects like our Community Spotlight Series it was clear that I needed to increase my linguistic IQ very quickly. For this specific project, I needed to conduct an interview with John Bermúdez, whose first language is Spanish – and produce two publishable versions of the transcript: one English, one Spanish. Continue Reading

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Get Hired with Supercharged Profiles

We want your HiretheWorld profile to be your business generating machine, getting you hired and earning you money. These new features are already helping freelancers attract more work:

In addition to those, we just launched our new Browse By Skill pages – which highlight a lot of mini-profiles, so employers looking to hire people with particular skills can easily find them:

Screenshot of the HiretheWorld Adobe Photoshop Freelancers page, showing some of the featured mini-profiles.

Screenshot of the HiretheWorld Adobe Photoshop Freelancers page, showing some of the featured mini-profiles.

Because HiretheWorld has a lot of talented freelancers with a wide variety of skills, there are quite a few of these pages – and we want you to be on them.

Continue Reading
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The Great Skills Tidy Up of 2012

We’ve just gone live with a big tidy up and consolidation of our Skills. This affects pretty much eveyone on the site – but if we’ve done our job right, you shouldn’t notice too much difference.

We’ve consolidated skills that were similar and fixed typos and other mistakes in skills that we’ve organically accumulated over time. Continue Reading

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